Tennis Zone


Training of coordination plays a very important role in tennis. A good coordination enables players to learn stroke techniques and movements faster and more effectively. With Tennis Zone, we show you how to incorporate the following coordination skills into your game-based tennis training:

Coordinative skills

  • Balance
  • Reaction
  • Adaption
  • Rhythm
  • Orientation
  • Differentiation
  • Combination

Athletics elements

  • Tennis-specific endurance
  • Speed
  • Strength

Information about the coordination drills

There are several ways to incorporate coordinative drills into tennis training.

  • Warm Up Drills
  • Stopover Drills
  • Cool Down Drills

In the free version of the Tennis Zone App, we offer you two warm-up drills. In the future, we will give you access to more coordination drills.

Information about the coordination games

Our experience has shown that coordination games are very popular with kids and juniors. They can be used in the following variations:

Coordination games similar to sports such as:

  • Football
  • Hockey

Specially designed coordination games:

  • Catching games
  • Relay races
  • Ball games

Coordination combi-games
Coordination games can be combined very well with tennis drills/games for kids. With our imaginatively designed tennis drills/games, the coordination games can be integrated with great success into the training sessions. The combi-games are very popular with kids because they are varied, exciting and motivating.

Information about the side activities

A side activity is a movement activity that takes place in a small space (run-out area of the tennis court). We distinguish the use of side activities in a training session as follows:

1. Tennis drill or tennis game in combination with side activity.
Side activity makes better use of play breaks. In addition, running paths outside the court are used more productively so that the tennis drill or tennis game does not have to be interrupted by a change of players. In this way everyone keeps moving.
Examples: Running through the running ladder, a jumps on the movement line, 2-3 throws at marker cones...

2. Tennis drill or tennis game without direct connection to the side activity.
The player is taken out of the drill/game for 2-3 minutes and does the side activity.
Examples: More intensive exercises on the running ladder, more complex movements using movement lines, rope jumps, stepper exercises, skill tasks...

A side activity has many advantages:

  • Intensive tennis specific movement training
  • Sensible use of breaks in play
  • Lots of variety for your players
  • Improvement of the tennis game with the use of intensive coordination training

Coordination that connects

The intensive use of coordination drills or games enhances the game-based tennis training and makes it more effective. It should always be present in any training session.

We are always pleased to receive constructive feedback about your experiences or any suggestions regarding coordination training.